Terra Bella Vista Olive Oil Co. – The Short Story

tbv.jpgIn early 2000 Judi and I purchased a house on about 10 acres at an elevation of 900 – 1000 feet on the West ridge of Bennett Valley about 7 miles South of Santa Rosa. There were about three acres available to plant something and we did not want to plant grapes like everyone else in Sonoma County. I began hearing about olive groves that were used to produce olive oil. We planted 18 Tuscan trees in 2001 and another almost 400, mostly Tuscan and all Italian, trees in 2002. In 2004 we had 450 pounds of olives and produced our first proprietary olive oil. In 2005 we had 750 pounds and went commercial for the first time. In 2006 we harvested 2700 pounds and in 2008 we had 6000 pounds. We bottle our Olive Oil in 375 ml bottles and it sells for $25/bottle. We are olive farmers! As many farmers have learned we have a partner in everything we do and that is God. We depend so much on His help and guidance. Orchard Dog We also have a constant companion in our dog Monty. He is a very lovable black labrador retriever and he will be six in May 2010. He is my orchard companion and his favorite day is the November Harvest Saturday.